If you still have nice elastic skin it can be expected to “take up” after some of the fat behind it is removed and a good result may be able to be achieved without formal surgery. This can be done with liposuction through several tiny incisions.
This is day surgery which I prefer to do under general anaesthetic (i.e., with you fully asleep looked after by a specialist anaesthetist).
I like you to wear an elastic garment (measured and ordered pre-operatively) for three weeks.

Post-Operative Care


  • Hypertrophic or keloid scarring is uncommon.  Should it happen it can usually be controlled with steroid injections into the scar.
  • Asymmetry of ear projection.   I have not needed to resort to surgical revision more than three or four times in the last 20 years.
  • See risks common to all operations.

Coming from
out of town?

Ideally a consultation should be face to face but is certainly possible to arrange a telephone consultation. If you can email the photos first so much the better. If it is clear what procedure is required then the in-person consultation can be the day before or the morning of the surgery.