Breast shape and size may be a source of discontent and discomfort

If nature has given you breasts that are very small or too large, misshapen or asymmetrical, you may wish to remedy this situation when you are in your late teens or twenties.  Alternatively, as a young person you may have been fortunate to have beautiful, symmetrical breasts of a size that fits your frame, but be unhappy with changes that have occurred with time.  As our lives progress all our tissues change, affected by aging, gravity, weight loss and/or weight gain.  In the case of the breasts, add the effects of pregnancy and breast feeding.   The breasts tend to droop with time, with weight loss and after pregnancy – and after pregnancy some breasts will be smaller than before, others larger.

For many women dissatisfaction with breast shape, size or position is sufficiently minor that corrective surgery would be a disproportionately major step, but if your “problem” is greater then a consultation (better than a website) will help you decide for or against.

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