Male breast

Male breast

Some young men develop breast enlargement – one or both breasts – in their teens and find it very embarrassing. Often this will resolve by the mid to late twenties but for many young men, waiting to see if this will happen naturally, is intolerable.

Male breast

Sometimes liposuction can solve the problem but in a slim person the problem tissue is always rubbery breast tissue and needs to be removed via a formal incision. The incision is in an inapparent place just below the nipple at the junction of the areola (the pink circle around the nipple) with the normal skin.

If this formal approach is required you will have a drain (soft plastic tube) in each side, overnight. It’s not particularly painful post-operatively but expect a reasonable amount of bruising.

Post-Operative Care


Since the nipple always has to be re-sited higher up, all breast reductions methods result in a scar right around the areola and a scar vertically down from there to the inframammary fold (groove beneath the breast). Usually there is also a curved transverse scar running the length of the inframammary fold. There are “vertical scar” techniques which seek to avoid this transverse scar and this is sometimes appropriate.

Loss of nipple sensation is not uncommon. Numbness of some skin beneath the nipple is usual.
You may not be able to breastfeed should you have a pregnancy after breast reduction.
The nipple has to move up and retain its blood supply. it is possible for this blood supply to be inadequate and to lose part or all of a nipple but this is an exceedingly rare complication.
Symmetry should be very good but may not be perfect.

Coming from
out of town?

Ideally a consultation should be face to face but is certainly possible to arrange a telephone consultation. If you can email the photos first so much the better. If it is clear what procedure is required then the in-person consultation can be the day before or the morning of the surgery.