Ectropion correction

If the lower eyelid loses contact with the eye, the eye waters, particularly in a cold wind, and is more prone to infection. If it’s bad enough the lid turns out and exposes the pink eyelid lining.   

Ectropion can often be corrected by tightening the lid and / or inserting a “gusset” of skin (skin graft or flap of skin from the upper eyelid) into the lower lid just below its margin.  Depending on your wishes, this operation can be done under either local anaesthetic or general aneaesthetic.


  • While this operation is usually very successful in improving the appearance of the eyelid, it is very difficult to correct the tendency of the eye to water as it is very difficult to get the opening of the drainage duct in the lid at its medial end (lacrimal punctum) back in contact with the surface of the eye.
  • See risks common to all operations.

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