There are many surgical variations under the heading “facelift”. 

If you are in your forties and just starting to notice that inevitable loss of jawline definition but your neck is still good then I believe that a formal facelift is not value for money. There is a more limited procedure called a MACS lift  that is appropriate in this younger group.

A formal facelift is a 3 – 3.5 hour procedure. It is great for the those over-fifties who have developed a saggy or over-full neck in addition to a loss of jawline definition.

I don’t do nonsurgical “thread lifts” as I’m not convinced that their effect is more than transient.

I have stopped doing browlifts. When I look at before and after presentations at plastic surgery conferences I am underwhelmed by the results. They seem to look either unchanged or unnatural (eyebrows too far apart or look “surprised”).


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