Male Breast tissue removal

Some young men develop breast enlargement – one or both breasts – in their teens and find it very embarrassing. Often this will relsolve by the mid to late twenties but for many young men, waiting to see if this will happen naturally, is intolerable. Sometimes liposuction can solve the problem but in a slim person the problem tissue is always rubbery breast tissue and needs to be removed via a formal incision. The incision is in an inapparent place just below the nipple at the junction of the areola (the pink circle around the nipple) with the normal skin. If this formal approach is required you will have a drain  (soft plastic tube) in each side, overnight.

I like you to wear an elastic vest for three weeks after the operation. Normally the stretched skin envelope will adjust to the lesser volume without sagging. Rarely, in large cases, there needs to be a skin reduction and a reduction in the size of the areola. If this is required then the scar cannot be hidden as effectively.

The “penalty” paid for surgical excision of the breast tissue is loss of nipple sensation. It’s not particularly painful post-operatively but expect a reasonable amount of bruising. The risk of post-operative haematoma is greater with this operation than most  (see risks).


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