Rhinoplasty is my favourite operation. There is so much variation in shape and size and so much subtlety involved in the operation.

Have you noticed that children’s noses are all small and even? It’s at puberty that all the genetic and ethnic variations are expressed and childhood nasal injuries are magnified. And of course trauma to the nose in adult life is common.

There is great variation in nasal shape and in the degree of abnormality. Of course where appearance is concerned, “abnormality” is entirely in the eye of the beholder.   At one extreme your nose might be so “bad” that a majority of people would agree that improving its shape is justified; at the other extreme the feature that you don’t like (that you see first whenever you look in the mirror) may be unnoticed by anybody else.  And even if your nose is “bad”, and the surgical result meets your expectations, don’t be surprised if no one comments!  The people around you may not see your face as you see it.

Before any surgery can be contemplated:

  • Your idea of what is “wrong” and my idea of what is “wrong” have to coincide
  • I have to be reasonably sure that I can achieve the desired change

It is possible to do nasal surgery under local anaesthetic and intravenous sedation but if I do it, it will be with you fully asleep and looked after by a specialist anaesthetist.  

The surgery takes 1½ hours (+/- half an hour depending on the complexity).


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