The practice of plastic surgery is a fascinating mix of cosmetic, functional and reconstructive elements. A procedure which some may perceive as cosmetic may actually have a large functional component (ask any woman who has had a breast reduction!) while others (eg facelift) are essentially cosmetic. Even skin cancer surgery, especially on the face, needs to be carried out with an eye to the aesthetic outcome.

If you are contemplating cosmetic surgery, I believe it important that you are doing it for your own well-being and not to please someone else.

Website information is useful but not a substitute. Each person is different. At the consultation I am able to give you the benefit of many years of experience.

The consultation allows me to understand and analyse your problem, and to assess whether the best solution is surgical. I will not try to “sell” you an operation or, except in rare circumstances, suggest surgery additional to your initial request. My part is to explain a procedure in as much detail as you want – to explain what it can be expected to achieve and what it will not.

I need to be sure that you do not have expectations that I can’t fulfil. If I feel that you will not benefit sufficiently from a procedure then I will advise against it.

I will explain to you the risks of any proposed surgery. When considering a procedure that is non-essential for your physical health, risks need to be absolutely minimal.

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