Breast reconstruction

If you have just received the terrible news that you need to have a mastectomy, you will have had a barrage of investigations and your head will be spinning with an overload of treatment information – mastectomy, sentinel node biopsy, chemotherapy, radiotherapy.  It’s difficult then to have yet another consultation about breast reconstruction but since one of the options is to have a breast reconstruction at the same time as the mastectomy it is best to have this consultation early.

The options after mastectomy are:

  • no reconstruction – no external prosthesis
  • no reconstruction – external prosthesis
  • reconstruction at the time of mastectomy
  • delayed reconstruction
  • if you have large breasts and don’t want reconstruction, you may want to consider reduction of the remaining breast to allow a smaller, more comfortable external prosthesis. 

Depending on the method, breast reconstruction adds a moderate-to-large amount of extra surgery, so the consultation with me is certainly not to apply pressure to have a breast reconstruction but to advise you that, should decide to proceed, what is possible and what method and timing is the best for you.



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