Look at your eyelids in the mirror

Look straight ahead and with your brow relaxed. Can you see a rim of upper eyelid above your lashes or do you have a fold of upper lid skin partially or completely obscuring this rim?  (You may have stopped wearing mascara because it smears on this fold.)  If the skin fold is “bad” then you may actually feel it as a weight on your lashes or even have your view obscured by it when you look up.   See upper blepharoplasty.

Do you have loose lower eyelid skin or bulgy lower eyelids? Do you have hollows above the margin of the cheekbone?  See lower blepharoplasty.

Does your upper lid not elevate properly? Look at the margin of the upper lid (as distinct from the fold of skin  above it). It should lie halfway between the top of the pupil and the top of the iris.  If the lid margin is lower and beginning to encroach on the pupil itself – you may find yourself raising your eyebrows to get your lid to uncover the pupil properly – the the problem is not loose skin but a stretched eyelid lifting muscle.   See ptosis correction.

Does your lower lid tend to droop or turn out and cause your eye to water?  See ectropion correction.


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