Examine your own nose

The external nose is a sandwich of skin / skeleton (bone or cartilage) / airway lining. Hold on to your nose and try to wiggle it:

  • The skeleton of the upper third is bone and immovable. The skin is mobile over it.
  • The skeleton of the middle third is cartilage and bendy. It is attached to the bone. You can move it from side to side but not up and down. The skin is mobile over it. 
  • The tip structure has a separate set of cartilages and is much more mobile, both side to side and up and down. These cartilages curl right round in the midline to give the external partition between the nostrils (the columella) its shape. The skin is more firmly attached than it is over the upper two thirds.

In preparation for your consultation, look at these three components of the structure of your nose in turn. See if you can determine what it is you don’t like about the shape of your nose in terms of these three components.

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