Upper blepharoplasty

As they age, many people develop a fold of upper eyelid skin that obscures the skin immediately above the eyelashes. Ultimately it can come to sit right on the lashes and obscure upward vision. The eyelids can feel uncomfortable heavy by the end of the day. Wearing mascara becomes impossible.

Sometmes the upper eyelids will seem to “age” faster than the rest of the face. When this is the case upper eyelid reduction represents particularly good “value for money” as it is commonly done as a clinic procedure under local anaesthetic.

The operation can be done alone or in conjunction with a lower lid blepharoplasty and/or facelift. It involves removal of a strip of skin and, usually, fat from behind the lid. It means that you will again show eyelid skin below the eyelid fold.
The procedure takes about 45 minutes. You should bring your dark glasses for afterwards. The swelling doesn’t close your eyes. Provided you haven’t had oral sedation you will be able to drive yourself home.
Pain is not severe when the anaesthetic wears off. You may need paracetamol or similar.

Swelling and bruising is inevitable and will be worst over the next two days. The stitches are removed at 4 to 5 days and by then the worst of the swelling has gone down.
Even when only the upper lids have had surgery, it is common to have some lower lid swelling and bruising. Often the last bruising to resolve is along the cheekbone below the eye, taking 3 or 4 weeks. A bit of make-up may be required!
After the main swelling has passed there is still subtle swelling, not noticeable to the casual observer. So the eyelids subtly improve further over the next two or three months

The scar is buried when the eye is open except for a length of 1 – 1.5 cm lateral to the corner of the eye. The scar is a bit pink and firm for a few months but the pinkness is rarely pronounced.


  • Inadequate reduction and / or asymmetry. I aim to remove just the right amount and most times do but since over-reduction is obviously not a good idea, I err on the side of caution. Once the swelling has gone down, if it is obvious that more skin could have been removed then I am happy to carry out a trim at no further expense to you (apart from a repeat period of bruising!)

  • See risks common to all operations.

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